Hedges Shrubs & Borders

  • Hedge and Shrub Care
  • Hedge & shrub planting
  • Hedge cutting (we can also carry out tractor mounted hedge trimming)
  • Garden border design
  • Plant supply based on soil type and Soil testing

Hedge Trimming

Given a few years of careful pruning, an overgrown hedge can be brought back under control and maintained from then on.

Shrub planting and maintenance

We can help with planning, selection and planting of shrubs.

Garden border design

As well as a full garden border design service, from planning to completion.

Environmental Services

Maintaining cleanliness not only improves staff comfort, it also helps maintain a good company image to your visitors. Our environmental hygiene services include:

Leaf Clearance

Our Leaf removal service not only improves the visual impact of your landscape, but will help stop leaves impeding storm water drainage and blocking gutters.

Moss clearance

As well as being an unsightly addition to a patio, car park, path or roof, moss can block gutters and drains.

Weed control

In addition to a regular weeding programme we will advise on weed prevention. We can also clear weeds and algae in ponds and water features with wildlife-friendly treatments.

Weed Treatment

We can identify the type of weed and apply the most effective treatment.