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Tree Pruning and Removal

Prior to undertaking work on trees, we advise that you contact your local council to ensure that there is not a Tree Protection Order, however if you need assistance with this we can help. Please also take into consideration that incorrect pruning can structurally weaken a tree and/or provide access to pests and diseases so it is important to have your trees pruned by a qualified arborist.

Consulting and Expert Advice

Call or fill in the Request a Quotation form, and one of our qualified tree surgeons will attend your property at a pre-arranged time to discuss your tree work. Depending on your needs, the free consultation can include expert advice about permits required under legislation and planning policies, and exemptions for fire hazard reduction clearing and removal of weed species.

Stump Grinding and removal

A stump is often left sticking above ground level when a tree is removed. A special machine called a grinder, which has metal teeth attached to a wheel that rotates at high speeds, can be used to rip apart the stump to below ground level in a process known as stump grinding. We offer stump grinding with every tree we remove provided our grinder can access the site.


A hedge is created by growing a series of plants closely together and trimming them regularly to stimulate growth and maintain a particular shape, and is often used as a living fence or boundary. We can help tidy and maintain your existing hedge or provide expert advice about how to establish a new one.

Dead Wooding

Dead branches on a tree can indicate disease, damage or old age, and may attract insects or decay organisms. The removal of dead branches, known as dead wooding, tidies the appearance of a tree, and prevents those branches from unexpectedly falling on a house or a person. We can help with all your dead wooding needs.

Tree Pest or Disease Diagnosis

One of our qualified arborists will visit your property to assess the health of your tree: noting vigor, presence and abundance of pests and diseases, as well as environmental conditions, and provide advice on how to treat or maintain the health of your tree or, if preferred, provide a quote for treatment regime.

Please note that we abide by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and will not always be able to carry out works on trees and hedges straight away and will wait until nests are clear. ( Wildlife and Countryside Act 198 ( )